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Update and boot Ubuntu daily-live ISO from GRUB2

Ubuntu 13.10 is almost here. Want to try it?

Script to update (sync) Ubuntu-daily-live.iso and boot ISO file from GRUB2
Need sudo permissions only when run for the first time (install dependencies and add custom menu entry on grub).

Here is the script to update Ubuntu daily-live ISO and boot from GRUB2.

#Script to update and boot Ubuntu daily-live ISO with GRUB2
#Autor João Sousa
#Version 0.1

### Find /home partition "number"
N_PARTICAO=`df /home | tail -1 | cut -c9`

### Install curl and zsync (Add repo "universe")
which curl || sudo apt-get install -y curl
#"sudo software-properties-gtk -e universe" deprecated?
which zsync || (sudo apt-get update; sudo add-apt-repository universe; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install -y zsync)

### Find last "daily-live" codename (future URL changes will break this :( send me your feedback if you know a better way to do this :P )
codename=`curl -s…